Custody & Divorce

Unfortunately, divorce and separation have touched almost every family in America today in some way. The complexities of today’s blended families and the law regarding child custody makes even seemingly simple tasks complex, and causes extreme stress and hardship on the typical East Texas family.

When your family is facing difficult decisions regarding divorce, child custody, child support, Child Protective Services involvement, termination and adoption, or property division in East Texas, Jeremy Coe is an experienced courtroom advocate and has handled hundreds of family law cases of every type all across East Texas. Jeremy has extensive experience in high-conflict custody cases, including selecting juries and trying cases to verdict. Jeremy also has been appointed by Courts across East Texas to represent the interests of numerous children as an amicus attorney. This experience gives him unique insight into seeing the “big picture” when advising his clients.

Jeremy also has considerable experience in representing grandparents and extended family members that have had to take responsibility for children in danger due to abuse or drug or alcohol use. As a father, grandfather, stepparent, and pastor, Jeremy’s perspective on the effects of conflict on children guides the manner in which he and his clients approach litigation. Jeremy has been a member of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas since 2005.

If you have a child custody or divorce case in East Texas, contact the family law experts at the Coe Law Firm today to schedule your free initial consultation regarding the details of your case.

Custody & Divorce Lawyer