Family Law Attorney in Jacksonville, TX

Family can be one of the trickiest areas of law to navigate.

Because the relationships involved are typically very complex, you need an attorney in Jacksonville who will be able to read people, advocate for their client, and make decisions based on logic when you may make decisions based on emotion.

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Here are so examples of when you may need a family lawyer:


In the midst of a divorce, decisions become complicated quickly.

From custody agreements to division of assets, emotions can influence decision making. To make sure your rights are protected, and to ensure that a split is equitable for both parties, you need a family lawyer in Jacksonville who knows what they’re doing.


Adding a child to your family should be a joyous time in your life, but in Jacksonville the process is understandably weighed down with red tape in.

We’re here to help you navigate the paperwork to eliminate any potential obstacles that could slow down the process of adopting a child.


Be sure that your loved ones wishes are being carried out as they intended.

When you hire a family lawyer in Jacksonville to interpret and enforce their last will and testament, you can have peace of mind knowing their requests are being honored.


One of the hardest decisions in a divorce is the division of time with children.

A compassionate family attorney will help to mediate the discussions about what is best for the children moving forward. They can also help you to amend the custody agreement over the years.


Before tying the knot, some couples may choose to sign a premarital agreement.

A family lawyer will help you line out the details of the contract to fit your specifications.

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