Family Law Attorney in Bullard, TX

Often times, divorce and separation affects families in Bullard, Texas in the most difficult ways. Because of today’s legal complexity regarding marriage and separations, custody and divorce lawyers are essential to navigate the labyrinth of family law in Bullard.

Family Law Attorney in Bullard, TX

Custody & Divorce Lawyer in Bullard, TX

If your family is facing a legal battle concerning divorce, child custody, child support, Child Protective Services, termination and adoption, or property division in Mesquite, contact the Coe Law Office. Jeremy Coe has a long history of experience in high-conflict custody cases, from selecting juries to litigation. He has also been appointed by courts in Smith County, TX to represent children as an amicus attorney. Through this experience, he has the innate ability to understand what must be done to reach mutually beneficial decisions and to mitigate damage done to families during custody and divorce cases in Bullard.

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