Personal Injury Case Results

Family of Pedestrian Killed by Company Vehicle paid $6 Million

Attorney Jeremy Coe and his co-counsel represented the grieving wife and 8 children after their husband and father was killed by a reckless driver of a company vehicle. The police placed fault on the pedestrian instead of the company vehicle but our thorough investigation caused the insurance companies to pay our clients $6 million dollars.

Slip and Fall Shopper Paid $350,000

A Tyler man slipped and fell at a large retailer, sustaining serious injuries that required knee surgery. The retail store had holes in the roof that leaked when it rained. Jeremy filed a lawsuit and the case settled right before trial for $350,000.00.

Case Settlement of Truck Wreck Lawsuit - $950,000

Our client R.A. was a 53 year old Hispanic male severely injured due to the negligence of a recently-licensed and untrained commercial truck driver for a large oilfield services company near Henderson in Rusk County, Texas. The commercial truck driver failed to yield right-of-way to our client by turning onto Highway 64 from a county road. Our investigation later revealed that the at-fault driver had only recently been released from jail for charges related to possession of marijuana and had only received his commercial driver’s license approximately one month earlier. The oilfield company provided almost no training before sticking him behind the wheel of a big rig. Our client had five surgeries over the course of two years, including shoulder, leg, and neck surgeries. Despite a history of earning good money working in the oilfield, our client was unable to return to work. With the assistance of expert witnesses, including an economist, vocational rehabilitation expert and a life care planner, we obtained a court settlement at mediation of approximately one million dollars.

Jury Verdict after Truck Wreck Lawsuit- $525,000

Our client P.B. was a 51 year old woman who was riding in a small passenger car driven by her daughter on Interstate 20 near Marshall in Harrison County, Texas, when the commercial driver of an 18 wheeler clipped their car, causing it to spin, and forcefully coming to rest after striking the embankment. The commercial driver was later shown to have been texting on his mobile telephone at the time of the wreck. One of the top neurosurgeons in East Texas performed a neck fusion one our client at C5-6. Though the surgery was success, our client required post-surgical pain intervention as a result of the injuries she sustained in the accident. After a three day jury trial, a Harrison County jury found the commercial driver to be responsible for our client’s injuries and awarded $525,000.00 in damages.

Arbitration Award after On-the-Job Injury - $537,000

Our client L.R. was an assistant manager at a fast food franchise in Henderson, Texas when another employee engaged in horseplay, causing serious injuries to her knee and back. The employer was a non-subscriber to the Texas worker’s compensation system. L.R. was unable to work due to the injuries she sustained and ultimately required knee surgery and lower back surgery. The employer offered $100,000 at mediation but after a two-day arbitration, the arbitrator awarded damages to L.R. in the amount of $537,000.

Drunk Driving Accident and Suit Against Bar - $600,000

Our clients were the parents of a 21 year old Hispanic college student from Kilgore, Texas as well as the minor children of a single mom from Overton, Texas who were both killed by a drunk driver in a two-car auto accident on Highway 31 in Smith County, Texas. Our investigation revealed that, at the time of accident, the at-fault driver had just left a well-known East Texas bar. Our investigation also revealed that the bartender who had been serving the drunk driver did not have a valid T.A.B.C. server’s license and had been doing shots with the drunk and other patrons. The bartender had continued to serve the drunk driver well after he was clearly intoxicated. After filing a lawsuit against the local bar for what is known as “dram shop” liability, the bar and the insurance company for the drunk driver paid out over one million dollars to the victims of the drunk driving car wreck. Both of our clients’ families received over $300,000 in financial compensation.

Negligence of Daycare Operator Causes Harm to Child - undisclosed

Our clients were the parents of a 5 year old child that was inappropriately touched by another child at a Tyler, Texas daycare. Negligent daycare staff had allowed the children to be left unsupervised together in the bathroom in violation of daycare policy. After the parents reported the incident to the daycare, the daycare owners had interrogated the children and video recorded the interview in violation of Texas law. A confidential settlement was reached on behalf of the child and parents.

Drunk Driver Kills Grandmother - $300,000

A drunk driver left work at 2 a.m. and wrecked into another car on Interstate 35 in Austin, Texas, causing injuries to a 71-year-old grandmother from San Luis Potosi, Mexico that later resulted in her death. She was a mother of 12, grandmother of 37, and great-grandmother to 7. 

Oilfield Explosion Burns Employee – undisclosed

Our client was a 28 year old man working in the oil field who was burned and seriously injured after falling 35 feet due to an oilfield explosion. After months of physical therapy, our client returned to work. The company responsible for the personal injury our client recieved settled for a confidential finanacial sum during mediation.

Speed Racer Broadsides Working Mom - $165,000

Our client was a working mom taking her kids to school when the employee of a pipeline company failed to yield the right of way to her vehicle on a rural road in Smith County, Texas. The at-fault driver ignored the stop sign and broadsided our client, causing a major car wreck. Though the children received minor injuries, the mom required knee surgery and therapy. Our investigation revealed that the at-fault driver had a history of speeding and the company failed to take preventive measures. The at-fault driver's car insurance company paid $165,000.