Henderson, TX Law

If you’re looking for an ardent defender for your cause in Henderson, Texas, look no further than The Coe Law Firm. Our practice represents clients in a range of matters, including personal injury or wrongful death in Henderson, immigration and naturalization in Henderson, criminal and juvenile defense in Henderson, and divorce and custody in Henderson, Texas.

The legal landscape when it comes to these matters can be confusing and overly complicated without the help of a proper legal advisor in Henderson. And when you experience the issues that led to such a case, you might feel drained or altogether overwhelmed by the mire you’ve found yourself in. That’s why you need to reach out to The Coe Law Firm in Tyler, Texas, where we represent clients throughout East Texas in such matters.

The Coe Law Firm will work side by side with you to understand your life and the issues you face. We’re heavily experienced in trial law, and seek to help all our clients reach successful verdicts in their cases. As a team of bilingual lawyers for Henderson, Texas, Jeremy Coe and Edward Estrada of The Coe Law Firm are ready to evaluate your situation, your case, and help you reach a satisfactory outcome in Henderson. Contact us today to learn more.