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Jeremy Coe and Edward Estrada of The Coe Law Firm are bilingual lawyers ready to stand by you to help you through your legal matters in Carthage, Texas. Because of our time as successful trial lawyers in East Texas, we understand the impact stress and unexpected complications of legal cases can have on your life.

Every person is different, and every court case has unique nuances that require an in-depth understanding of the law in East Texas to reach a successful verdict. That’s why we’ll get to know you personally to better understand the specifics of your case in order to maximize the potential for a satisfactory outcome in your legal issue in Carthage, Texas. The legal landscape is undeniably complex – and without the help of a team of legal advocates at your side, you may have no idea where your life will go next.

Whether you are facing immigration and naturalization issues in Carthage, a personal injury or wrongful death case in Carthage, divorce and custody battles in Carthage, or arrest and criminal law cases in Carthage, Texas, you should contact The Coe Law Firm as soon as possible. We’ll fight for your rights to ensure a just and satisfactory conclusion in your legal matter. Contact us today for an initial review of your case.