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Bilingual lawyer Jeremy Coe is passionate about immigration law because they have personally been affected by immigration issues.

Jeremy’s family members legally immigrated to the US, and he can guide you or your family members through the process with understanding and expertise.

With several bilingual staff members, and many team members personally impacted by immigration issues, Coe Law Firm is the clear choice of immigration attorneys in the Palestine area.

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Reasons For US Citizenship Denial

Unfortunately, not every application for citizenship is approved. That’s why you need a Palestine, TX area attorney who will help you navigate paperwork, prepare for your citizenship exam, and eliminate roadblocks on your way to becoming a US citizen.

Here are some common reasons applications are denied:

Not Registering For The Selective Service

Every American male has to enroll in selective service at the age of 18. Upon filing your citizenship application, if you do not enroll in the selective service, your application will be denied and you won’t be able to apply again until you are 31.

Having A Fraudulent Green Card

Whether intentional or not, if fraud is discovered, your green card may be revoked, and you may be called into court for deportation proceedings.

Having A Criminal Record

Certain crimes that may appear on your criminal history report could mean an automatic denial of citizenship, and can result in deportation if you are already in the US.

Lying on the Citizenship Application

Answering questions correctly, especially in your second language, can be tricky. It is our job to help you fill out this paperwork the right way. For example, if you were arrested, but not convicted of a crime, and you check “no” on a question about being arrested, you may be denied citizenship.

Failure To Pay Taxes

Not paying taxes is an automatic denial. If you aren’t sure how much you owe, contacting a tax professional to set up a payment plan can eliminate this obstacle.

Failure To Pay Child Support

Outstanding child support will result in an automatic rejection of your application.

Proficiency In English

You are required to take a test to prove some proficiency in the English language, with the exception of disabled people with a doctor’s confirmation who cannot sit for the test, or if you are 55 or older and have held a green card for 15 years.

Doing Poorly on the US Citizenship Interview

During this interview, we would be present as your attorney. The interviewer will go over your application with you under oath. This process is to find any suspicious inconsistencies in your answers and your application.

Green Card Renewal Failure

Begin renewing your green card six months before it expires. An expired green card will mean an automatic denial of your application.

Failing the Civic Test

You will study 100 potential questions to determine naturalization, but the interviewer will only ask 10. If you can answer 6 out of 10, you pass.

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This list is just a small window into all of the potential obstacles to citizenship.

Immigration law in the Palestine area can be confusing, but we are on your side to make the process a simple one.

If you are ready to take the next step in becoming a legal US citizen, contact the law offices of Jeremy Coe today.