Immigration Law Attorney in Henderson, TX

Moving to a foreign country with a different language, culture, and laws can be scary. Our experienced team of lawyers in Henderson, TX will help you navigate and simplify the immigration process.

After working with hundreds of individuals and families with immigration cases in the Henderson area, you can have confidence that we will make the process as efficient as possible.

Jeremy Coe is bilingual and a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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Henderson Immigration & Naturalization Law Specialists

Every immigration case is different, so the Coe Law Firm will take the time to discuss your ideal outcomes from your particular circumstances. Here are a few of the areas we can assist you with:


We will advocate for your rights if you are facing wrongful deportation from the Henderson, TX area. Let our team advise you on the many avenues to avoid or postpone deportation.


Get help navigating immigrant visa paperwork, whether you’re applying for the first time, extending or renewing your visa, or checking the approval status of your visa.


Becoming a US Citizen is usually a lengthy and involved process. With immigration laws constantly changing, let us guide you through the steps of becoming a citizen and naturalization to Henderson, TX.


As the spouse or child of a legal citizen, you may be eligible for a green card. Let us help you achieve permanent resident status in Henderson as efficiently as possible.


Arriving at the border as a “refugee” can make you eligible for asylum in the United States. We can help you determine if you are included in the international legal definition of refugee, and protect your right to asylum when you need it most.


Often referred to as Dreamers, children of those who illegally entered the United States are under unique scrutiny in our current political climate. If your DACA status is being called into question, we are happy to help you with deferred action.


Whether you are coming to the US for a job opportunity, or to join family who have immigrated, we can lend our experience to guide your application and your petitioner on appropriate steps to take.

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An Advocate for You in Henderson, TX

Jeremy Coe cares about immigration issues in the Henderson area because he has family members who were immigrants themselves.

With a staff who also speaks Spanish and most of whom have family members who legally immigrated, the Coe Law Firm is the perfect team to direct you through the immigration process.

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