Criminal Defense Attorney in Henderson, TX

Whether you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony, it’s important that you choose your representation carefully.

A lawyer from Coe Law Firm can be by your side quickly after arrest in the Henderson, TX area to give you advice as you navigate your next steps.

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Criminal & Juvenile Defense Law in Henderson, TX

To successfully defend a minor in a court could set their life on a new trajectory.

The law team of Coe and Estrada will seriously investigate the accusations made against your child to make the most compelling case on your behalf.

If you are contacting us about a juvenile case in the Henderson, TX area, we understand that what happens next is pivotal and can affect your child for years to come.

We take these cases very seriously, and will do everything possible to protect your family.


Not all crimes qualify to be sealed records in Henderson. If you are able to have your criminal history sealed, this will not happen automatically, and you have to petition the court to be granted this request.

In most cases, you cannot petition the court for expungement until you’re 21 years old.

A criminal history from your youth can follow you into adulthood and affect your education and career.

Felonies, sexual assault cases, and any sentencing that will extend into your adult years will not be expunged.


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Jeremy Coe and Edward Estarda are familiar with the juvenile justice system in Henderson, Texas. To find out if deferred prosecution is possible in your case, contact us today.